The EZUFT System

Wranglers Topless Experience Made EZ

EZ Ultimate Freedom Tops



Flip, Lock & Go

Americans love adventure, and they love to drive topless. That is why JEEP WRANGLERS will NEVER go out of style. That’s why freedom panels exist!

The EZUFT system gives Jeep owners a fast, EZ way to open up and secure their freedom tops. No hassle freedom. Open wide and enjoy your world, the wind in your hair, the sun on your face–no limits. 60 seconds is all it takes to open up to your adventure, whether off-roading or cruising with friends. No need to plan ahead or worry about storage, just grab your friends, grab your gear and go.

Just flip, lock and go. It’s the EZUFT way.

The EZ UFT System



Now Jeep owners have another open-air option.

EZ Ultimate Freedom Tops (EZUFT) allow Jeep aficionados the ability to enjoy the exhilaration of an open air driving experience without the time-consuming hassle of removing and storing the standard Jeep Freedom Tops. 

Just unclip the locks on the tops, flip the tops backward onto the rubber landing pads and lock them into place. The process is simple and safe, as the tops are securely fastened to the Jeep itself with Marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel hardware and a locking pin mechanism. That means a worry-free enjoyment while you’re outside driving in the fresh air and sunshine.

It’s as easy as Flip. Lock. Go.

About Us –

Richard Brown

Hello, I’m Richard Brown, owner and inventor of the EZUFT System. I was tired of the hassle of removing, Storing, retrieving and then re-inserting my freedom panels.  so I came up with a great way to just open them up and lock them securely overhead, all in 60 seconds or less. Plus, they stay readily available to close up just as quickly. I joined the jeep lovers community partly for that open-air feel and now I really get to enjoy my freedom panels, sometimes many times a day, just because I can! 

It means I no longer think about weather changes, risks of leaving valuables unattended or not having room for things (people included.) I designed this to have a low-profile, sleek look, to be rust-free, to close like a car door (PERFECTLY EVERY TIME!!), to avoid getting the panels scratched or having anything rattle.

I love my system, and I know you will love adding it to your freedom tops as well.

For more information on the
Ultmate Freedom Top System call EZUFT.